Our Story

In September of 2018, Wilmington NC was at the eye of the storm when Hurricane Florence made landfall and stayed for several days. High winds, storm surge, and historic river levels left a wake of devastation and thousands of homes destroyed in New Hanover County and adjacent areas. In this hour of darkness, we believe that the local church has a calling to shine the light of Jesus by entering into the lives of affected people as His hands and feet.

In the weeks following the storm, two local Churches, Venture Church and Cape Fear Christian Church, joined forces to found Disaster Assistance Relief Team of Wilmington. In the months to follow, DART formed partnerships with dozens of churches, non-profits, and individuals around the country to play our part in rebuilding the community in the affected areas. 

We are deeply indebted to our many partners whom do the lions share of the work. 

Though we have worked in all of the counties surrounding Wilmington, we found a heart for a community in Pender county that may have been hit the worst with flooding. We would love to invite you to join us as we work to bring hope and rebuild community in that area. 

Emelie Myers

DART-ILM Executive Director


Meet Emelie, She's the Executive Director of DART-ILM. Her heart for the people we are serving is a great example of why we do what we do. 

Emelie oversees:

  • Homeowner Relations: Knowing each homeowner and their current rebuild needs. Working with our resource manager, Michelle Vollmer, to navigate case management and available resources. (i.e. finding grants and donations) 

  • Volunteer Mobilization: Designating worksites and projects for our many volunteers.

  • Project Management: Working with our construction manager, contractors, and volunteers to manage each phase of home rebuilding.

  • Partnership Coordination: It is taking many great relief organizations working together to rebuild this community. DART serves as a coordinator of how those groups work together.

Here are just a few of the amazing people who have made our work possible. Thank you for you shining your light!

Our Mission

We exist to mobilize volunteers to areas affected by Hurricane Florence in the greater Wilmington NC area. 


Our Vision

Bringing Hope. Rebuilding Community. in Jesus' name.

Our Partners

DART is nothing without our partnerships. The partners listed on this page are only a small portion of the HUGE outpouring of partnership we've seen from around the county. Dozens of church groups, non-profits, colleges, ministries, and individuals have been the hands, feets, and financial supporters of DART-ILM. 

Thank you! 

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