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Our Story

Dart-ILM was founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence at the end of 2018. By June of 2019, this small non-profit was involved in 15 home restoration projects. Working in partnership with Rebuilding Together of the Triangle (RTT) and volunteer groups from churches across the country, Dart-ILM committed to the recovery of the Whitestocking neighborhood of Burgaw. On September 14, 2019, one year after Florence hit land, Dart-ILM organized a work day covering 12 projects with over 100 participating volunteers, 25 plumbers, 4 churches and the Salvation Army Food Truck.

Momentum was building rapidly, and in December of 2019, our 1st resident was able to return home! Dart-ILM and RTT had a working list of 6 homes to be fully restored. Movement was continuing at a rapid pace, right until March of 2020. Covid 19 restrictions put work to a stop as safe practices were determined.  Volunteers were highly restricted and when RTT resumed work in June it was without volunteer groups. Our volunteer groups were cancelled and work on the Whitestocking homes was whittled down to a 2 man crew from RTT – without DART-ILM.

Committed to helping as many people as we could, we partnered with Pender County and the state of North Carolina. Using grant funds, we were able to assist qualifying families with repairs, relocations and even 2 replacement homes. To date, we have assisted 16 families with grant funding, reaching over ½ million dollars.

And while the grant funds are largely spent, we are not through. Many of our families have safety issues like ramps and porches that are rotting after much water damage. Thanks to volunteer groups from Praying Pelicans and churches across the state and country, we have crews that are ready to work in June to help Cape Fear families.

Meet Michelle Vollmer / Executive Director


(910) 408 - 2553

Meet Michelle, she's the Executive Director of DART-ILM. Her heart for the people we are serving is a great example of why we do what we do. 

Michelle oversees:

  • Homeowner Relations: Getting to know each family and their personal situation.

  • Case and Resource Management: Matching available to resources to specific needs and making referrals to other agencies where appropriate.

  • Volunteer Mobilization: Designating worksites and projects for our many volunteers.

  • Project Management: Working with our construction manager, contractors, and volunteers to manage each phase of home rebuilding.

  • Partnership Coordination: It is taking many great relief organizations working together to rebuild this community. DART serves as a coordinator of how those groups work together.

Here are just a few of the amazing people who have made our work possible. Thank you for you shining your light!

Our Mission

We exist to mobilize volunteers to areas affected by Hurricane Florence in the greater
Wilmington NC area. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Bringing Hope. Rebuilding Community. in Jesus' name.

Our Partners

DART is nothing without our partnerships. The partners listed on this page are only a small portion of the HUGE outpouring of partnership we've seen from around the county. Dozens of church groups, non-profits, colleges, ministries, and individuals have been the hands, feets, and financial supporters of DART-ILM. 

Thank you! 

We Need Your Support Today!

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